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Anthony Robb is an associate at the Gasparotto Group with two decades of experience in the Canadian Army having served on two operational tours in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his leadership in combat in 2006 and has served as the lead planner for post-war reconstruction and development operations.

Anthony is known by Gasparotto Group’s team as dependable, kind and contagiously optimistic. “The best days of life should never be in the past,” says Anthony.

On a personal level, a healthy dose of nostalgia can remind you of good times and put a smile on your face. Alternatively, an unhealthy dose can lead you to lose sight of what is in front of you; only to recognize how special it was when it is too late.

From a business perspective, this translates to how your organization handles success. In business, what got you to your current state will not be enough to get you to your next milestone of success. Constant iteration is critical to improving, and without improving your competition will inevitably surpass you.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” – Peter Drucker

So why does Anthony’s attitude and perspective matter? Because he is excited for what is to come, even if it is unknown. This excitement means that he is up to the challenges our business faces. He continually asks “How can I help?” and “How can I add value?”, seeking out the “Why” of leadership development. In the startup phase of a business, these kind of team members are absolutely critical.

On teams, there are often people who can be pinpointed as the ones who enable others toward success. Whether by reaching out a helping hand or by demonstrating leadership by example, these people are the backbone of a business and an asset that leaders need to fiercely protect.

Anthony continually bolsters Gasparotto Group’s culture within and leaves a meaningful impact on the clients we work with.

“The best days of life should never be in the past.” 11 words, one sentence, deep value.

Anthony; Gasparotto Group thanks you for the positive impact that you have on our organization. Visit to learn more about Anthony and our other associates, and how our team’s expertise and unique experience can facilitate deep learning in your organization.

You can read Anthony’s published work here:
Article in the Canadian Military Journal: An Unfortunately Unpopular Aversion to Truthful Feedback in the CAF

Discipline Breakdown: Confronting and Addressing the Erosion of Discipline in the Canadian Army



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