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Refine: Stage 4 of Gasparotto Group’s Planning and Execution Framework

By January 8, 2024No Comments

“Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know.”  – Rembrandt

Having written up and disseminated your Plan, it’s time to refine it. At this point, in the process, the plan has been passed onto others, and if they have tasks inside your plan they have also started their planning process. In Gasparotto Group’s framework for Planning and Execution this is Stage 4: Refine. This stage has four key aspects:

  • Feedback loops
  • Rehearsals
  • Preliminary events
  • Supplemental guidance

Feedback Loops. These provide a platform for communication and collaboration. Feedback loops mitigate risk, increase engagement and buy-in, increase efficiency, clarify expectations, enhance decision-making, and reinforce a culture where trust, communication, and collaboration are valued.

Rehearsals. Like feedback loops, rehearsals reinforce a culture of trust, communication, and collaboration. As a minimum critical and complex elements of the plan should be rehearsed. Rehearsals will improve familiarity and understanding of key aspects of the plan, inform coordination and synchronization, provide feedback,  validate assumptions, and improve the timing and pacing of events.

Preliminary Events. This refers to actions or movements that occur before the actual execution of the plan. These events are often identified during the Orient and Think Phases and are a product of the 10 Questions you asked yourself and your rehearsals. These events are critical enablers to ensuring the conditions are in place to initiate the execution phase of the plan.

Supplemental Guidance. The refine stage quite often generates changes to the original plan. This is best done in the same format used to issue the original plan with changes in details emphasized.

The Refine stage of Gasparotto Group’s Planning and Execution framework is critical to setting the conditions for the successful execution of a plan. This stage enables flexibility, decision-making, and innovation, and fosters a culture of trust, communication, and collaboration.