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Outside the Wire Participant Registration Form

Please fill out the information below (required fields are marked with asterisks).

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    Personal Information

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    Emergency Contact Information

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    Clothing Sizes

    Participants will be issued an Outside the Wire ball cap, toque, t-shirt and gloves. The hat and toque are one-size fits all. Participants will keep the ball cap, toque, and t-shirt at the end of the field exercise.

    T-Shirt (View Sizing Chart)*

    Gloves (View Sizing Chart)*

    Dietary Restrictions

    Food Allergies*

    List Food Allergies

    Dietary Restrictions*
    No dietary restrictionsLactose intolerant or milk allergies (dairy free)Vegetarian (will eat animal products, but not meat, poultry, and fish)Ovo-Vegetarian (will not eat dairy foods, meat, poultry, and fish)Lacto-Vegetarian (will not eat eggs, meat, poultry, and fish)Vegan (no animal products whatsoever)Diabetic dietGluten free

    Religious/cultural dietary practices (please specify)

    Note: The Gasparotto Group will make every effort to accommodate a participant's dietary restrictions. If catering constraints preclude a total accommodation then the participant will be notified in advance of the Field Exercise.

    Mess Dinner Preferences (Friday, 3 May 2019)

    By separate invite.



    Transportation to Ontario Regiment Museum (ORM), Oshawa, ON

    Date of arrival at ORM/transit hub pick-up point

    Estimated time of arrival at ORM/transit hub pick-up point

    Do you need transportation from a transit hub to ORM?

    Mode of transportation to ORM or transit hub

    Note: Transportation for participants from any transit hubs listed in the dropdown menu are included in the program fees. For all Amacon participants and VIPs, these logistics will be coordinated centrally with Marcello’s EA.

    For those within driving distance, the intent is to allow people to work all or most of the day on 1 May and then make their way to Oshawa, ON. For those who are flying, 1 May equates to your travel day. As such the check-in is in the evening. However, the exact timing is dependant on all the participants’ ETAs. Ideally check-in will commence no later than 7pm. Once all ETAs are known a firm program check-in timing will be communicated to all participants.


    Note: Night of 1 and 2 May. As part of the Field Exercise, participants will sleep in male/female segregated, military modular tent structures protected from the elements. These tents have wood floors, electricity, lights, and heat. Military camp cots and sleeping bags are provided. If desired participants to bring their own extra sheets, pillow, and a single personal air mattress. No showers. Portable and limited indoor washroom facilities provided.

    Night of 3 May. Participants will sleep in single occupancy hotel rooms in Oshawa.

    Field Activities

    Please select your level of experience and comfort with each of the activities listed below.

    Summer Outdoor Activities*

    Hiking (Short distances in the woods)*

    Shooting (Virtual Reality and Airsoft)*

    Tracked Vehicle Rides (Tanks and Armoured Personnel Carriers)*

    Off Road Driving (Jeep and reconnaissance vehicle rides)*

    Note: Outside the Wire is designed to take participants outside their comfort zone in a novel and challenging yet controlled, safe-to-experiment, multi-dimensional, and dynamic learning environment. Participation in any activity is entirely optional. Where participants do not feel comfortable, an alternative activity will be offered.

    The link to a separate online and confidential Medical Screening Questionnaire is contained as part of your joining instructions.

    Additional Information


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