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No great story ever started with, “We were having a virtual meeting and then…”

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Remote and hybrid work models are the new normal. This shift in how we work presents both opportunities and challenges. Two challenges the new normal presents are team cohesion and camaraderie. This is where corporate gatherings come into play, acting as crucial conduits to ensure that teams remain strong, engaged, and unified. Here’s how:

Human Connection: 

Digital tools have made communication efficient, but sometimes, the human element can get lost in the mix. In-person gatherings offer a space for spontaneous and candid conversations, laughter, and shared experiences – fostering human connections that are fundamental for any team.

Bridging the Virtual  Gap:

There’s a potential divide between in-office and remote employees. Corporate gatherings can serve to level the field, helping to ensure everyone feels included, integrated, and valued.

 Reinforcing Company Culture & Values:

Keeping the core values and culture of the company is vital to its existence and success. For those already in the company, iIn-person events serve as reminders of what the company stands for, and for new members of the team it indoctrinates them, reinforcing company ethos and building trust and cohesion.

Breaking Down Silos:

Remote and hybrid settings offer little opportunity to work outside departments and with others beyond the immediate team. Corporate gatherings provide the conditions for cross-functional interactions, and pave the way for collaboration and broader networking.

Hands-on Problem Solving:

Corporate gatherings facilitate problem-solving by providing varied perspectives and generating collective solutions. This is especially true for those events that include experiential learning activities, not necessarily unique to the company, by leveraging the strengths and capabilities of the group.


In-person gatherings provide the opportunity to refresh existing skills and knowledge, and introduce new ones, ensuring the continued growth and improvement of the team and help build resilience and adaptability in changing industry landscapes.

Celebrating Achievements: 

In hybrid and remote workplaces, gatherings are the perfect place and time to acknowledge team successes and individual achievements. Publicly recognizing and celebrating these milestones boosts morale, drives motivation, and innovation, and reinforces a culture of appreciation.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance:

Well-structured and properly facilitated gatherings can offer a much needed change of setting and even a break from the routine. This break may emphasize the importance of novel experiences and the importance of balance and well-being.

If the new normal is based on remote and hybrid work settings, the traditional methods of team building, reinforcing corporate culture, and developing cohesive high performing teams need to be rethought. Corporate gatherings, far from being mere events, are investments in the company’s most valuable asset—its people.

At Gasparotto Group we offer the opportunity to break away from the traditional and make that investment.

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