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Outside the Wire is a scientifically-designed, military-inspired leadership development program. 

It is a metaphor for taking people and teams outside their comfort zone where they can “chew the same dirt”—because that is the best way to grow. 

This immersive program follows the steps of the adult learning cycle: ensuring that the development sticks and unlocking your team’s true potential. Participants will emerge with a better understanding of themselves, their team, and their clientele.

Outside the Wire is broken up into 3 different programs:

  • Leadership Training Camp
  • Corporate Leadership Retreat
  • Trust Building Camp
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  • Become a more self-aware, accountable, and emotionally intelligent leader.
  • Apply effective individual and team learning processes.
  • Apply team building theory and tactics.
  • Practice proven personal and team resilience techniques.
  • Increase leadership self-confidence by learning and applying new skills in novel and challenging situations.

Take your team Outside the Wire

Leadership Training Camp

Going Outside the Wire

This immersive training program is specifically designed to develop individuals and the teams that they form to be self-aware, continuously learning, optimally functional, and resilient. Led by combat-experienced instructors and activity subject matter experts, Outside the Wire-Leadership Training Camp combines military excellence in self-discipline and team-building with executive leadership development to create a one-of-a-kind, scientifically-designed and battle-tested personal and team transformation.

Duration: 8 weeks (60 hours) in total: 2 weeks registration, 3 weeks online pre-study (9 hours). 3 days / 3 nights field exercise (47 hours). 2 weeks online reflection work (4 hours).

Corporate Leadership Retreat

Soldier Experience

Tired of the same old venues and activities for your leadership retreat? Outside the Wire: Corporate Leadership Retreat ensures a one-of-a-kind soldier experience where leaders are challenged in a novel, dynamic, and safe-to-learn environment. Enlist now and forge your group into a high-performance, high-trust team.

Duration: Partial, full, or multi-day field camp.

Delivery: Field Exercise can be integrated into your organization’s larger retreat program OR part of a fully organized offsite Gasparotto Group event.

Trust Building Camp

Exportable 4-8 Hour Version

This experiential learning program is specifically designed to develop individuals and the teams that they form to be more agile problem solvers, collaborative, and communicative. These essentials to high performance team dynamics are all built on a foundation of trust. Led by combat-experienced instructors, Outside the Wire – Trust Building Camp combines time-honoured military team building techniques with findings from the latest neuroscience to propel through the forming, storming, norming phases of group development to high performance.

Duration: 4-8 hours.

Location: Your backyard (fully exportable program). Best done outdoors on grass with approximately a soccer field’s amount of space.

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