Organizational Development

Productive workplaces do not materialize by chance; they are first created and then carefully nurtured. We will identify the problem areas, help you to reframe the operating environment and strengthen your corporate culture ensuring that you attain your strategic vision.


The issues that are closest are most often the hardest ones to see clearly. And, many of life’s obstacles are self-emplaced. We offer facilitation that guides the co-creation of a dynamic, tailored process that empowers and motivates groups to engage in solving their own problems. From strategic planning sessions, to organizational values definition, to workplace dynamics issues, the Gasparotto Group can assist you with the process to get unstuck and to get where you want to be.


Assessments help decode personality types, uncover unconscious assumptions, and highlight behavioural patterns. These scientifically designed tests provide insights on how to better practice the art of leadership. The Gasparotto Group uses a suite of tools as an integrated system of assessments to connect the dots with data, between how individuals think and behave, to how teams operate, to the state of the organization’s culture.