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A Scientifically-Designed, Military-Inspired Leadership Development Program

Walk a mile in your customers’ combat boots: Enroll in this immersive program that follows the adult learning cycle to ensure that development is retained while unlocking your team’s true potential.

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Take Your Team Outside the Wire

By venturing beyond their comfort zones, your team members will foster a deeper comprehension of themselves, enhance team dynamics, and develop a greater understanding of your clients’ needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your team’s true potential – sign up for the Outside the Wire program today!


Discover the Benefits of Enlisting in Outside the Wire

By completing the Outside the Wire program, you and your team can expect the following positive business outcomes:

Enhanced Team Performance

Strengthen team dynamics for improved collaboration and communication.

Greater Customer Empathy

Gain deeper understanding of military end-users for better product and service development.

Increased Leadership Capabilities

Develop strong and resilient leaders for better decision-making and performance.

Elevated Innovation

Foster a culture of innovation for business growth through the program’s challenging situations.

Improved Employee Retention

Increase employee retention through engaging employee development.

Targeted Organizational Learning

Better individual and team learning by applying a proven after-action-review process.

Our Clients

Outside the Wire Is Divided Into Three Programs:

Leadership Training Camp:

Going Outside the Wire

Designed to develop self-aware individuals and teams who are continuously learning, optimally functional, and resilient.


 Corporate Leadership Retreat:

Soldier Experience

A one-of-a-kind soldier experience, embedded into your off-site retreat


Trust Building Camp:

Exportable 4-8 Hour Version

Designed to develop individuals and teams to be more agile, collaborative, and communicative.


Why Should You Go With Gasparotto?

Gasparotto Group assists organizations like yours in developing cultures that foster effective leaders and build strong, resilient teams.

 Blending the Art and Science of Leadership to Help You Build Your Team and Expand Your Influence Through:




Experiential Learning



“Gasparotto Group customized their Outside the Wire program to match our unique high-level objectives, which allowed us to operate our systems in field conditions and develop empathy for our military end-users. The ability to walk a mile in our clients’ combat boots has been a game-changer”

— Alain Cohen, President, Ultra & Communications

 “PureLogic’s Leadership Team completed Outside the Wire program led by Gasparotto Group. The level of expertise involved during the entire leadership program was simply amazing. The field exercise pushed us to our limits. It provided us with an opportunity to grow both individually as leaders and become a more cohesive team. This is simply the best leadership training I have been involved in”

— Dave Bouchard, CEO, Purelogic IT Solutions