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What is Proatmeal?

Protein + Oatmeal = Proatmeal

Not everyone needs a protein supplement however, it is very useful when exercising or going on a large hiking / canoeing trip like we do at Backcountry Leadership Camp. It can help repair damaged muscles and tissues while speeding up the recovery from sore muscles after exertion.

In the recipe below we’ve used whey protein. While you can use whatever protein is best for you, whey protein is a water-soluble milk protein that is quickly and easily absorbed. It’s a complete source of protein and contains all of the amino acids that the body needs. 

Oatmeal is a wonderful whole grain and a great source of fiber, which most of us don’t get enough of in our daily diets. It has numerous health benefits such as lowering blood sugar levels, aiding in healthy bacteria of the gut, and is high in antioxidants. 

By themselves, protein powder and oatmeal aren’t the tastiest but together… well it isn’t any better either. Here’s a recipe to boost the flavour while you boost your energy levels for a long day out in the wilderness.

Ingredients (1 serving):

  • ⅓ Cup Quick Oats
  • ⅓  Cup Hot water
  • 1 scoop whey protein powder (we recommend Chocolate – Peanut Butter)
  • Seeds, nuts, fresh or dehydrated fruit, trail mix (optional)


  1. Combine your oatmeal and protein powder, stir to combine.
  2. Add boiling water a little at a time until you’ve reached your desired consistency. The more water you add, the thinner your proatmeal will be and if you want it thicker, add less.
  3. Add some fresh or dehydrated fruit, trail mix, or nuts if you wish.

Let us know if you try it and happy trails!

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